99.97% Kill Rate Pathogens • Microbials • Plant Pests

For Grow Rooms, Processing Facilities and Testing Labs

  • 100% Green Technology
  • Zero Chemicals
  • Fast & Effective Process
    (3-5 hour downtime)
  • Treats HVAC Ducting & Filters
  • Decontaminates All Surfaces
  • Destroys Airborne Mold and Mildew Spores

Bio Maxx Decontamination Unit Click image for larger view.

Joining the OK Cannabis Co-op was a game changer for us. It is a great feeling to walk into an OMMA Test with confidence knowing that our cannabis flower is clean and safe. The staff is also very knowledgeable and great to work with at Bio Maxx OKC.

Iman's Medical Marijuana Grow


Bio Maxx is a patented technology. The process includes the combining of super oxidized Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide to eradicate bacteria, viruses, microbes, all insects and plant pests on a molecular level. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective oxidizers, stronger even than bleach. Hydrogen peroxide in gas form quickly penetrates even in hard to reach areas to disinfect every surface, including your HVAC system.

Hydrogen peroxide gas is considered green technology because after every treatment, the hydrogen peroxide breaks back down into water vapor and oxygen molecules, leaving no residue at the end of the treatment.  Our treatment is fabric safe and material compatible, non-corrosive with no harsh chemicals.  It is easy to deploy and provides permanent results. It is a powerful disinfectant.

Our technology is suited to provide surface disinfection, pathogen destruction (viruses, bacteria, and fungi) mold and mildew remediation, Infection control and air duct cleaning. Works in any enclosed environment. Offers a 100% money back guarantee. Dedication to quality and safety is our highest priority in delivering cutting edge decontamination solutions to our customers.

  • HEPA Filtration (High Efficiency Particulate Air)
  • Hydroxyl Radical Production
  • Purified 03 and Vaporize Gas – Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Production
  • Singlet Oxygen and Oxyradical Plasma Production
  • Sterilizing Germicidal UVC Radiation

All these are generated internally in one portable unit to produce unparalleled decontamination capabilities on site.