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At Bud Maxx, one of our specialties is radio frequency pasteurization and remediation for cannabis, which allows our members the ability to destroy mold, mildew and all other microbials to ensure the highest possible quality for their cannabis products. 

What is Radio a Pasteurization and Remediation? 
Like all other consumable goods (milk and produce, for example), cannabis is susceptible to the growth of microbials, such as mold, mildew and other pathogens. These tiny microorganisms on cannabis and other plants and foodstuffs, and are found pretty much everywhere, including in the air we breathe. 

But, if microbials take hold and contaminates your cannabis crop, the cannabis is unsafe for human consumption and may need to be destroyed or processed into other products like concentrates, which are not economically feasible for the grower. 

Radio Frequency pasteurization and remediation, as the name implies, uses high-powered radio waves to decontaminate the cannabis product, killing and removing microorganisms thereby preserving the value of the harvest. 

Basically, the radio waves cause the water molecules in the cannabis product to heat up quickly killing the microorganisms thus preserving the integrity of the batch. 

What are the Benefits of Bud Maxx's Radio Frequency Pasteurization and Remediation? 

Bud Maxx's pasteurization and remediation service provides a lot of great benefits for cannabis growers and processors: 

  • Protects Your Harvest - Whether you're a cannabis grower or processor our Radio Frequency Pasteurization and Remediation process protects you from failed lab tests and the consumer from purchasing contaminated cannabis products. 

  • Preserves the Product's Flavor and Other Attributes - Radio Frequency pasteurization and remediation flavor, potency, terpene, appearance or other desirable attributes of cannabis-based products. 

  • Boosts Profitability - When using Bud Maxx's Radio Frequency pasteurization and/or remediation service the results will be state compliance, which means less waste and enhanced overall profitability. 

  • Enhanced Quality Control - Both B2B cannabis companies and dispensaries can benefit from enhanced quality control, which builds customer trust and helps to build your brand's reputation for consistent high-quality products. 

Learn More About Cannabis Pasteurization and Remediation from Bud Maxx

At Bud Maxx, we specialize in cannabis pasteurization and remediation using radio frequency technology, which will enhance the quality and consistency of your cannabis flower and other products. Why wait? Contact us using the form below or give us a call at (405) 250-8374 to learn more and get started our pasteurization and/or remediation services. 

One might think that insects and rodents are the only pests jeopardizing the integrity of the cannabis plant. But, according to recent tests and medical research on randomly selected cannabis samples they found the presents of microbial contamination. In other words, the researchers found traces of mold, bacteria and mildew. 

What does that mean and how can you prevent mold and mildew growth on your cannabis plants? 

Here's what you need to know. 

How Dangerous is Microbial Contamination in Cannabis? 
If you are growing your cannabis in an inappropriate environment, without good air filtration, then the chances of microbial contamination is quite high. Most microorganisms don't present any health concerns if they are present only in low amounts. But, some microorganisms, on the other hand, can be dangerous even at a low level and can produce toxins that lead to allergy-like symptoms, for example. 

This is particularly true for immunocompromised patients who may be using cannabis as a way to deal with their condition or manage the effects of the treatment. Even a low level of microbial contamination could be lethal for these patients. 

So, How Can You Prevent Mold and Mildew on Your Cannabis Plants? 
It's always a good idea to put new plants in a clean and mold and mildew free environment. Bio Maxx can effectively eliminate all types of pests, including mold, mildew, bacteria and insects with one treatment in most cases on your empty grow rooms as you rotate your crops. This treatment is non-invasive and is chemical free. Starting Clean helps you Grow Clean. 

Over to You 

Bud that presents traces of microbial contamination are deemed unfit for human consumption, whether we are talking about smoking or just using extracts. Oklahoma requires laboratory testing of commercial cannabis for microbial contamination. 

If you don't want to worry about microbial contamination we here at Bud Maxx can eliminate the stress. If you want to learn more send us an email or call us at (405) 250-8374. 

Anyone in the cannabis industry knows it's a high profit, but high risk business. A small error in growing or cultivating your crop could lead to a total loss. And one of the most common places where companies hit a snag is microbial contamination. Failing a microbial contamination test could result in having to toss out your crop - or at the very least, spending a bunch of time and money getting it retested. Read on to see how companies are ensuring this doesn't happen, with pasteurization. 

What is Pasteurizing Flower? 
You've probably already heard about pasteurization: there is a reason milk and most grocery produce is pasteurized. It destroys potentially harmful microorganisms and helps the food last longer. Pasteurization has been used by farmers for centuries. Those same benefits that apply to the milk in your fridge, can be applied to cannabis. 

At Bud Maxx, we'll do the same thing to your post-harvest cannabis flower. As the cannabis industry continues to grow and flourish, other states will look to Oklahoma and other states which have legalized cannabis on which to base their rules and regulations. Pasteurization could become a significant part of the cannabis business nationwide. 

Why should I Pasteurize Flower? 
Firstly, pasteurizing flower significantly lowers the risk of failing a compliance test for microbial contamination, which can be a costly and painful expense. Oklahoma does allow a batch to be retested. But, if a batch of cannabis fails a compliance test, retesting still delays the supply chain and cost time and money. In a business where margins are razor-thin, it's something you would rather avoid. 

Secondly, post-harvest pasteurizing of cannabis makes it last longer. Pasteurizing flower after the curing stage prevents the "good" microbes from reproducing faster (which breaks down the cannabis). There is a reason many consumer products are pasteurized. With managers and investors demanding perfection from cannabis companies, failing a microbial test is highly embarrassing, inconvenient and costly. 

How does Bud Maxx Pasteurize? 
Bud Maxx exercises tremendous care to make sure pasteurization and remediation is performed using the most gentle methods possible, that do not harm the flower. We pasteurize with Radio Frequency. We use this method because it maintains the potency of the cannabis, the appearance, and does not affect the terpenes. It also kills all forms of Aspergillus, E. Coli, Salmonella, and other diseases. 

Get Your Cannabis Pasteurized
In a business where margins can be razor thin, you can't afford to lose an entire crop because it fails a microbial test. Even getting a batch retested is going to eat precious time and money and disrupt your business. Pasteurizing cannabis post-harvest has little to no downside and potentially tremendous upside. Without it you're running a considerable risk. Bud Maxx uses advanced methods and tremendous care to make sure your flower is treated with minimal impact to potency or appearance.

To learn more, contact us today at (405) 250-8374 or email [email protected]