Pass Microbial Lab Tests Guaranteed

For Post-Harvest Cannabis

  • Does Not Affect:
    •  Terpene Profile
    •  Appearance
    •  Potency
  • Zero Chemicals
  • Zero Ozone Use
  • Zero Microwave Use
  • FDA Approved
  • Destroys All Insects and Plant Pests

Bud Maxx Pasteurization Unit Click image for larger view.

Bud Maxx pasteurization or decontamination is a post-harvest cannabis service that eliminates microbials thus ensuring the purity of the cannabis flower and guaranteeing compliant lab tests.  

Bud Maxx pasteurizes cannabis flower using Radio Frequency (RF) technology that is USDA Certified, organic, FDA Certified natural, Clean-Label and non-additive. RF has been trusted by the food safety industry for decades and is now being used by the top cannabis growers in the U.S. and Canada to minimize loss, increase profits, improve the quality of their harvest while maintaining OMMA compliance. RF does not reduce the THC potency and is chemical free. Cannabis flower remains intact and all the flavor, smell and color is preserved.

After pasteurization your cannabis is re-packaged and ready for pickup usually within 48 hours.

Bud Maxx is providing Oklahoma growers a safe and economical way to provide FDA, USDA and OMMA compliant cannabis flower and products to the consumer.